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SBGAMES - Porto Digital - Recife - Brazil

8 - 10 November 2006

DIGITAL PROCEEDINGS of the V Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment



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In Brazil, five years ago was a remarkable time for the videogame community in both industrial and academic sectors. In statistics terms, the year 2002 marked the beginning of a slow but promising rise of results for the new Brazilian industry of game development. Also, in 2002, the Brazilian academic community, supported by the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC), launched a seminal workshop on games, which nowadays is considered the first SBGames conference (although the name was different that time: WJogos). That workshop marked the beginning of games as a serious research area in Brazil, as well as it boosted the Brazilian industry, proposing a convergence of the three tracks that support the computer game activities: computing, arts&design, and industry. Since the special year 2002, universities have being starting official research programs on computer games and simulation; new courses on art, design and programming of computer games have being proposed; Brazilian games companies started organizing themselves in local clusters; SBC founded the Special Group on Games and Digital Entertainment (Dec/2004); and the Brazilian government have being promoting new public policies for the development of games. This year, the fifth edition of the Brazilian Symposium of Computer Games and Digital Entertainment (SBGames 2006) reveals the country organized in terms of strategic networks, such as the RBV-Games (Brazilian Visualization Technology Network – Game and Simulation Division, launched in 2005) and ABRAGAMES (Brazilian Association of Game Developers, founded in 2004). Participants of the SBGames 2006 will have the opportunity of understanding the new directions in computing, arts, and design research, being familiar with the new intelligence and production networks in the country; evaluating the needs for the formation of human resources; meeting pioneers and experts, and foreseeing new horizons for explorations in the new area of games and digital simulations.

In the present digital documentation you will find full papers, short papers (posters), and tutorials on game development. Additional material can be found in the SBGames web page:

Welcome to SBGames 2006 !

Geber Lisboa Ramalho
General Chair and Program Chairs of SBGames 2006.

Bruno Feijó
Program Committee chair

Digital Proceedings of the V Brazilian Symposium on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment, ISBN: 85-7669-098-5, Edited by Bruno Feijó, André Neves, Esteban Clua, Luciana Freire, Geber Ramalho and Marcelo Walter


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