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SBGAMES events will be held in four different locations in Recife Antigo. Please checkthe Time Table to plan your program during the event.

       Ana Goes Recepções
       Endereço: Av. Rio Branco, 104.
       NGPD - Núcleo de Gestão do Porto Digital
       Endereço: Rua do Apolo, 181.
       SEPLAN - Secretaria de Planejamento
       Endereço: Rua da Moeda, 46.
       SECTMA - Secretaria de Ciência e Tecnologia
       Endereço: Rua Vital de Oliveira, 32.

The map below highlighs the most important locations during the event.


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About Recife | Location Map

RecifeSBGames will be held in Porto Digital, located in the old Recife Quarter, a small island where Recife was born. Recife , the capital city of Pernambuco , in the Northeast of Brazil, is a historical city from where the bulk of sugar production from colonial Brazil was exported. During centuries Recife was one of the most modern and important cities in the country.

Porto Digital is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) cluster focused in human capital formation, entrepreneurship and innovation. Porto Digital is increasing Pernambuco insertion in global services-based economy and pushing ICT sector's share in the State's GDP. While the national average is 0.8%, in Pernambuco this share achieves 1.8% according to data from the National Institute for Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and the Sate Planning and Research Agency (Condepe). This is the economic transition that is making Recife and the State of Pernambuco into a reference for newly industrialized countries.

In particular, Recife is currently one of the most important Brazilian poles in Game development. In 2000 there were about 5 professionals working on the unique game development studio. Then, a big effort has been made, by the academic (in particular the Center for Informatics ), entrepreneurship and industrial sectors to improve this activity. Nowadays, there are more than 200 professionals working on various game development studios, among them Meantime , Jynx and PreLoud .

Finally, o ld Recife is a pleasant 22,000 square meters quarter, with various historical buildings recently restored (like the Brum Fortress, the first Synagogue of the Americas and the Churches of the Holy Mother and of Pilar, all of them heritage sites declared by the National Historical and Arts Heritage Institute). In the evening the quarter offers a wide range of cultural activities and entertainment. Bars, pubs, nightclubs and open-air celebrations turn the technology center into a center of culture.