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Invited Talks | Thematic Panels

  Keynote Speaker 01: When User-Created Content Meets Gaming: A Revolution is Coming
  (Quinta-Feira - 09/10 - 13:30h - Ana Gˇes)
  Speaker:Jon Schwartz

  Bio: Jon Schwartz is a founder of The Phrogram Company, inventors of the Kid's Programming Language and of Phrogram. Jon has previously worked at Microsoft and at IBM. His work on KPL and Phrogram focuses on two primary goals: 1) simplify game development so that even beginners and hobbyists can develop their own games, and 2) encourage the study of computer science through the use of graphics and game programming.
  Abstract: User-created content is arguably the hottest trend in computing today, as demonstrated by the global success and impact of Wikipedia, MySpace, YouTube and others. Games also continue to be a very important and growing business, with 100% growth in sales from 1995 to 2005, and 50% further growth projected from 2005 to 2010. Recent technology is - for the first time in decades - allowing mainstream computer users to create their own graphical and game programs. This change is setting up a coming creative revolution in gaming which will inevitably result when this statement is true: "If you can read and you can type, you can create your own computer games." This presentation will summarize the data that defines these trends and opportunities, will offer live demonstrations of KPL and Phrogram which show that this revolution has already begun, and will project near-future implications of these trends
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  Keynote Speaker 02: Consumers as Creators: Ready, Set, Create!
  (Sexta-Feira - 10/10 - 13:30h - Ana Gˇes)
  Speaker:Dave Mitchel

  Bio: Dave Mitchell is a Director in the Game Developer Group within Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division. Dave is responsible for global business and marketing for Microsoft XNA which includes products, services and partnerships to benefit all game developers, from hobbyists and academics on up to the largest of commercial game studios, on Microsoft gaming platforms. Dave has been with Microsoft since 1999 and has been heavily involved with developer tools and technology for the more than 15 years. He started at Microsoft by leading one of the first technical evangelism teams for .NET and most recently led the US Academic Developer Marketing team prior to joining the Game Developer Group last year. Dave now drives business and marketing strategy and global execution for all of Microsoft's game developer tools and resources including the recently announced XNA Game Studio Express.
  Abstract: Millions of gamers around the world enjoy video games, but only a select few get to participate in the creation of them. In films and music, YouTube and MySpace are showcasing extra-ordinary creations that come from the community. The creativity of consumers turned creators is amazing and powers these vibrant communities. The key enabler for creators is the widespread availability of easy-to-use, low cost tools - something that has been missing from the gaming industry in general and specially from the closed world of console development. This holiday Microsoft seeks to end this exclusivity with the release of XNA Game Studio Express. For the first time ever Microsoft will demonstrate their next-generation community development system working on Xbox 360. Come learn the strategy and vision that is driving this sea-change in thinking around who gets to build games and how they do it.
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Thematic Panels | Invited Talks

  Panel 01: Games in Education
  (Quinta-Feira - 10/10 - 16:00h - SECTMA)
  Moderador:Esteban Clua (UFF / PUC-Rio)

  Participantes: Lynn Alves (UNEB), Filomena Moita (UFPB), AndrÚ Battaiola (UFPR), Jaques Duilio (URI), Roger Tavares (SENAC), JoŃo Bittencourt (UNISINOS), Rudimar Dazzi (UNIVALI)

  Panel 02: Human Resources Formation
  (Sexta-Feira - 10/10 - 10:30h - Ana Gˇes)
  Moderador:Geber Ramalho (UFPE)

  Participantes: Bruno Feijˇ (PUC-Rio), Emiliano de Castro (ABRAGAMES), JosÚ Carlos Cavalcanti (SECTMA) AndrÚ Neves (UFPE), Ana Carolina Salgado (UFPE+SOFTEX)